Tuesday, June 28, 2011

American Woman: Would You Marry For Love or Money?

The attached Article from HuffPost reveals some pretty interesting things about the modern woman, and humanity in general.

75% of women survey said that they would not marry a man that was unemployed.  At the same time, 90% said that they would marry for love over money.

What does that tell you?  I think it suggests that many women believe that a man who is unemployed is lazy or shiftless. At the same time, however, this statistic suggests that many women appear to be not unduly concerned about how much money their betrothed is making.  Indeed, 50% said they would marry a man who made significantly less than they did, while 41% said they would not.  Seems as though there are still a lot of traditionalists out there.

77% of women surveyed said they believed they could have it all: love, family and career.  Yet, 63% said they worked 40-59 hours per week, and 62% said they spend, on average, 3 waking hours with their loved one during the week.  Three hours?  Wow!  Doesn't anyone eat dinner together?  How about a cup of coffee in the morning?  A movie or favorite sitcom?  No, it seems as though many women are now doing what men have been doing for years (sometimes to the chagrin of their wives), coming home and chilling by themselves.  In fact, 42% of women surveyed said that if they had an extra hour per day, they would spend it alone, as opposed to with spouses, family or friends.

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