Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outlook Brighter for 2011 College Graduates

This recent Article from the Philadelphia Inquirer indicates that the news is brightening for 2011 college graduates.  The news is good, and hopefully is indicative of economic recovery. But, it is not all good.

First, the good news.  According to the article, hiring of 2011 college graduates is up 19.3% over that of their 2010 counterparts.  Starting salaries are up 5.9% (to $50,462) from last year.

Now, the bad news.  One person's meat is another's poison.  The success of the 2011 class will undermine the existing problems for those who graduated in between 2007-2010, many of whom remain without a meaningful first-time post-undergraduate job. 

In fact, the Article states, 50% of those graduating in between 2007-10 don't have full-time jobs at all, and only roughly 30% are working full-time in their field of choice. Wow! The ripple effect is also quite notable.  In addition to the absence of spending by the unemployed in this age bracket, 1 in 6 people age 26-29 either live with their parents are getting assistance from them for their rent or mortgage.

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