Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hottest Jobs for 2011 College Graduates

Not long ago, we posted Articles forecasting the very best and worst industries for college students to target for future job opportunities.

Predictions are helpful.  But what of reality?  A recent Article from the Philadelphia Inquirer cites statistics for college graduates for years 2007-11 that are very revealing.

In 2011, jobs have been most plentiful in the following sectors:  business/accounting, engineering, food, pharmaceutical and computer manufacturing; construction; oil and gas extracting companies.  These are, of course, mostly private-sector employment opportunities.

Public sector job opportunities are far less plentiful.  Hence, liberal arts and education majors (i.e. potential public school educators) are down.  Jobs in education are really scarce (with one school reporting that only 19% of their education majors received job offers). Degrees in industries rendered increasongly obselete by the Internet (such as journalism) are also of limited value.

The message?  In order to find a job, it is best to have a specialized skill that lends itself to producing a product (a web site design, an economic forecast, a blue print, a formula).  Soft skills (the ability to teach, read or write) are not in strong demand right now.

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