Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ranking the Philadelphia Sports Teams by Value

Over the past year, Forbes has ranked the value of each franchise in each of the 4 major American sports. Let’s see how the Philly teams stack up:

Flyers: 6th most valuable in NHL – Value: $301 Million;

Sixers: 17th most valuable in NBA – Value: $330 Million;

Phils: 6th most valuable in MLB – Value: $609 Million;

Birds: 7th most valuable in NFL - Value: $1.1 Billion

Seems to me that we are right about where we should be. Not surprisingly, teams from New York, LA, Chicago and Boston typically (but not always) out value us in all sports (can you imagine the Mutts being more valuable than the Phils?!!). The Sixers' value is perhaps the exception. Let’s see about that in a year or two!

These links take you right to Forbes' discussions on Philly teams, and from there you can click and go to see how the competition fares!

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