Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Landing a Summer Internship at a Small Company - Some Useful Guidance

The always excellent blog Glassdoor.com recently published this Article on how to land a summer internship with a small company.  Studies show that summer internships are hugely helpful in securing full-time employment after graduation.  In any event, I really liked Glassdoor's advice, which I summarize thusly:

1)  March is the peak month for job postings for summer internships, so get on your horse now;

2)  Go to business parks and try to get a meet and greet with the heads of companies, with resume in hand;

3)  Research which local companies have recently been in the news in a positive way, and focus on as many of those as you can;

4)  Where unpaid internships are at issue, explore possible creative compensation arrangements (stipends, equity interest), or see if you can arrange a way to obtain college credits for your work.

One final piece of advice from me: Glassdoor also has some great articles on things such as resumes and interviews, so spend a little time checking it out, and similar websites, before you put pen to paper, or thoughts to words!

Very best of luck, and thanks for checking in with us today.

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