Thursday, March 10, 2011

CATS AND DOGS -The Top 6 Areas of Dispute Between Companies and America's Workforce

In past Blogs, we have delved into a number of issues relating to the philosophies of management and employees when it comes to dealing with job-related disputes.  Below, I have listed my Top Six areas of controversy.

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1)  Don't Quit That Job:  When management wants you out, they have "subtle" ways of letting you know - and they almost always want you to quit!

2)  What is a Hostile Work Environment, Anyway?  Probably not what you think!  Mere mistreatment, no matter how severe, does not constitute a hostile work environment under the law.  Rather, you have to prove that the environment is hostile because of unlawful discrimination or retaliation against the assertion of a protected right;

3)  Workonality Conflicts:  When you and the boss don't get along, it's a problem.  But filing a "hostile work environment claim" or quitting the job is not the answer!

4)  Its the Internet, Stupid!  Tracking Internet use of "problem" employees is now a favorite choice of companies looking to get rid of perceived malcontents.  So, be very careful!

5)  Using Family and Medical Leave puts a target on your back! Here is how to protect yourself from the Scarlett FMLA!

5)  Fighting and winning Willful Misconduct Unemployment Claims.  Management knows how to do it, and you don't!  Here are some tips to help guide you through an unemployment hearing.

I hope that you found this Blog useful!  Our goal is to keep you happily employed!

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