Wednesday, March 30, 2011


BASEBALL JUNKIES (like me) – immediately below are ESPN’s predictions for team finishes, player awards and some intriguing “what if questions.”

Today, Sports Illustrated’s Baseball Preview issue comes out. The Phab Phive are on the cover, yet most experts are picking the Red Sox to beat the Phils in the World Series. Not me - I got Phils over Yankees. (this one has a great Vid – 10 greatest Opening Day moments).

If you have read this far, you may be interested in other predictions from other publications and experts. Well, here are a few:

OK, and for posterity – here are my predictions (although, I expect, no one really cares!)


Phils, Reds, Giants, Rockies (WC) (that’s right, no stinking Braves).

Phils win: 103 games (Chase or no Chase)

NL MVP – Ryan Howard

NL Cy Young – Roy Halladay

Phils over Reds in NLCS


Red Sox, Twins, A’s, Yankees (WC)

Yanks over Red Sox in ALCS

AL MVP – Adrian Gonzales

AL Cy Young – Felix Rodriguez

World Series: Phils over Yanks in 6

Oh, if you want to see some awesome Videos on various Phillies, Click Here.  You wont find this stuff on ESPN, or Comcast.

OK, that’s a wrap – see you at the Ballpark!

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