Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Insight Into Management's Views of FMLA - Can You Say Bullseye on Your Back?

Ahhh, the Cold War between employee-side employment lawyers (we are in the minority) and management-side employment lawyers and advisors (they sprout like weeds - Holy Prolific Bloggers!!!) continues....

I have on numerous occasions blogged about FMLA Leave, and what a powerful tool it is to combat stress caused by discrimination, hostile work environment, illegal retaliation, etc.  (Use the Search Key on this Blog and the phrase "FMLA" to see what I mean).

Why?  I consider it to be among the most powerful employment laws in the Nation.  A true Bastion of Protection foR those of us with families, medical issues or job-related stress.  Not surprisingly (I know I sound paranoid and am indeed guilty of stereotyping), Management nearly unanimously HATES FMLA - it seems companies very often feel that workers who take FMLA lack a "work ethic" or are malingering.  So, unfortunately, taking FMLA often puts a target on your back.

The attached Article (and there as many of these type articles as grains of sand in the Sahara, just Google "FMLA Abuse" or "FMLA Fraud" to see my point), provides excellent insight into how management plots and plans to find "lawful" ways to retaliate against employees who take FMLA Leave.

Knowledge is King!

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