Thursday, February 10, 2011

20 College Degrees to Avoid if You Want a Good Paying Job

Ok, so you've busted your butt to get into a good college, and then you struggled with deciding what you wanted to be when you grew up.  When your anxiety peaked, you picked your Major.  Ahhh, relief. 

Now, you have busted your butt to graduate from college with a good GPA.  It's time to look for a job, pay back those student loans, get your own apartment, and start building financially for your future.

Perhaps as important, its time to start building a career!

So, for the first time, you begin to examine, really examine, just exactly what your college degree is worth.  Click Here to get an overview.  Certainly, money isn't everything, and it can't buy you love (hmmmm....), but if financial security in the near future is your goal, you may have a difficult finding it in these professions.

Recently, I blogged on the best paying entry level jobs.  Click Here to see that list. 

As a father with 2 in College (Go, Pitt Panthers!), I have asked my daughters to consider these lists before they pick a Major.  No, I do not object in any way to them choosing a life path rich in personal fulfillment and perhaps financial struggle - I just want them to make a clear, informed decision.

Hope that this Blog may help some other Parents and Children do the same thing!

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