Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thinking About Starting a Union? Your Employer May Be Ahead of You

As the attached Article discusses, many employees are disengaged from work, and thinking about looking for work elsewhere.  Now that the economy is improving, and there are many hyper-qualified people looking for work, employers will over the next 12 months attempt to establish who their best employees are - with predictable results for the disfavored!  When employment dissatisfaction is low, unionization is often seen as an excellent alternative to "at will" employment [For a definition of "at will" employment, type that phrase into the Search Bar on this Blog].

Bear in mind, Big Brother is watching, and will be watching carefully.  It is therefore very important to maintain a positive attitude by appearing engaged at work, particularly in staff meetings, on surveys and in conversations with your boss [Yesterday, we posted a Blog on "10 Questions To Ask Your Boss" - this Blog provides some tips on how to increase job security by asking questions of your boss to increase the perception that you are engaged at work]. 

Although it is unlawful to terminate someone for engaging in unionizing activity (prohibited by Section 8(a)(3) of the National Labor Relations Act), that will not stop a company from doing it. The risks posed by unionization are so strong that an employer will not hesitate to get rid of someone who it perceives as a disengaged rabblerouser seeking to unionize his/her fellow employees.

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