Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten Questions to Ask Your Boss - and Protect Your Job

Nowadays, those with secure jobs they enjoy are seemingly among the select few.  However, I see many people lose their jobs because they do not get along with their boss (or their boss does not get along with them!).  For these unfortunate workers, every day is a struggle, with no end in sight.

It is true that most people have one subject they enjoy above all others - themselves.  It seems equally true that most of us want to be liked, and usually receiproicate that feeling to our admirers.  So, it makes sense that having our boss like us is a good thing.  It further stands to reason that learning more about our boss can help facillitate a positive relationship, and thus greater job security.

In addition, it is apparent that understanding what makes our boss tick will make it easier for us to satisfy their expectations.

The attached article discusses a strategy for enhancing your relationship with the boss by asking he/she some questions that will help you gain insight both into their background and expectations.  Perhaps you want to pick out a question or group of questions to discuss with your boss at lunch, or during a slow period when he/she seems to be in a relaxed mode.  Follow up with some additional questions over the course of the following days or weeks.  Common sense dictates that, in the ordinary situation, thses conversations can only help you do a better job, and thereby increase the likelihood of promotion.

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