Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Substantially Lower Wages the Norm for American Workers - How Lowering Your Expectations May Help You Secure a New Job

If you are earning within 20% of what you were making 3 years ago, count yourself among the fortunate.  If you expect to find a new job paying you within 20% of what you were making at your last job - consider yourself unrealistic.

No less than 14.5 Million Americans are unemployed (we believe the number is substantially higher than that - use the Search Bar and type in 16.7% and see what we mean), and no less than 6.4 Million of those have been unemployed for more than 6 months.  Further, Studies have made clear that those returning to the workforce are doing so at rates of pay that are significantly less than what they had been earning at their previous job. 

What to do?  Well, it is expected that it will take several years for wages to reach their pre-Great Recession numbers, so there is no use in "holding out" for a better paying job.  The key, then, is to accept this rotten situation, get back into the workplace by proverbial hook or crook, and begin ascending up the corporate ladder - that is the best strategy for reaching your pre-2008 wage rate.

Within the past week, we have posted a number of Blogs about how to increase your job security, and how employers are really on the look out for motivated, engaged employees.  Get on a company's payroll, and adapt to its corporate culture in a positive way.  If you make yourself  a valued, positive member of the company, the benefits are sure to follow.

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