Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Employment Contracts - You May Have Contractual Rights You Did Not Know About

Most of us are Employees At Will, which means we can be fired for any reason, whether good (repeated violations of company rules) or bad (being the victim of unfair office politics or a personality conflict with a boss or favored co-worker) orf indifferent (layoff due to economic reasons). However, many employees have contract rights in terms of Compensation or Severance that they are unaware may be enforced.

Typically, breach of employment contract claims fall into one of several categories:

The employee's offer letter promised a salary that was later reduced or partially unpaid;

The employee is owed commissions or bonus payments under a company poliy;

The employers offer letter provided severance, stock option rights, etc., that were later ignored;

The employer makes an oral promise to an employee of future pay or benefits in exchange for the employee's promise to continue on in the employment or to assume additional duties;

The Company provided the employee with a right to employment for a period of time so that the employee can only be fired "for cause."
If you believe that you have a contractual arrangement that is jeopardy or has been violated, you may want to consider contacting an attorney to determine what your rights are.

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