Monday, December 20, 2010

Giants' Kicker Matt Dodge Would Qualify for Unemployment Benefits Since He Will Be Fired for Poor Performance - at Least in Pennsylvania

OK, I was at the New Giants' Stadium yesterday for the Epic Comeback capped by DeSean Jackson's magnificent punt return - saw Jimmy Hoffa walking to  a new burial spot after the game.  I was in the Meadowlands for Brian Westbrook's punt return in 2003 as well.  I was not there in 78 for the Miracle in the Meadowlands

Clearly, Matt Dodge, the Giants' punter, will be on his way to the Unemployment Office (or should be!).  In Pennsylvania, his shockingly terrible punt would constitute "poor performance."  In Pennsylvania, you can almost always get benefits if you are terminated for (perceived) "poor perfomance."

Now, in New York, the unemployment people would likely see this as "wrongful misconduct," since Matt Dodge was insubordinate in refusing to follow Coach Coughlin's express instructions to punt the ball out of bounds.  However, in Pennsylvania, that would likely not be willful misconduct.  The guy just sucks and could not follow instructions.  That is not willful misconduct, that's incompetence, and in Pennsylvania, you get unemployment if you are fired for actual (or perceived) incompetence.

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