Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Extension-Based Unemployment Checks May Be Delayed for Pennsylvanians and Others

At the end of November, 2010, many Pennsylvanians (and more than 1 Million people Nationwide) had their unemployment benefits stopped.  Hopefully, they kept filing, and were recently heartened by news that the Tax Act of 2010 meant that they would be put back on unemployment for up to 99 weeks.  Since the Tax Act was passed last Friday, these people have been waiting for retroactive checks (i.e. benefit checks providing them with all unemployment benefits dating back from their last check to the present).  These checks are obviously important, and not just because it is Christmastime for many.  These checks are important because they help many people buy neccessaries such as food, heat and clothing.

Although the President stated he was hopeful that everyone who qualified would get their retroactive checks by Christmas, that may be wishful thinking.  The attached article provides some more detail on this issue. 

If you live in Pennsylvania, please post a comment to me so that I may be able to get some more insight on who is getting paid and who is not; I can then pass that information along to my readers (I will not disclose your name).

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