Thursday, November 18, 2010

What To Say When Appealing a Denial Of Unemployment in Pennsylvania

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How Do I Appeal From a Notice of Determination Denying My Unemployment Claim in PA?

The key thing to remember is that you have an automatic right to a Hearing when you appeal from a Notice of Determination made by the Unemployment Service Center.  After your appeal, you will receive a Notice of Hearing before an Unemployment Referee.  Usually, the Hearing will be held in the county in which you worked.

Hearing Locations:  For Philadelphia, it is 444 N. 3rd Street - immediately to your right when you get off of 95 at the Spring Garden Exit; for Chester County, it is in Malvern on Rte. 30; for Delaware County, it is in Springfield near the intersection of Baltimore Pike and Rte. 320; for Montgomery County, it is on New Hope Street in Norristown.

Again, you do not need to "prove" your right to a Hearing.  And, whatever you say can be used against you at the Hearing.  That is why we tell our clients to simply say "I disagree with the determination."

If you received a Notice of Determination denying you unemployment compensation, you should immediately appeal the denial (you have only 15 days to do so). If you are late, you will not get a Hearing; there are basically no excuses for being late.  We believe faxing or e-mailing your appeal is the best way to go.  The fax and e-mail addresses are found on your Notice of Determination.

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