Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as a Public Employment Record?

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What Can Potential Employers Learn About My Past Jobs?

Not much.  If they want to find out about your criminal background or your credit, they can have you sign a document that authorizes them to check those records.  If someone wants to buy your car, they can run a Carfax report.  But, there are no such public records available for your employment history. Why?  I am not sure, but I can tell you that there is nothing publicly available about your employment history except what is usually spotty information on credit reports. However, even credit reports only state your employment history; they say nothing about why you are no longer employed with any given company.  So, the best "public" information concerning your employment history, the best "record" of your employment history, is what you put on networking sites such as Facebook or Linked In about yourself....

What Will My Old Employer Say About Me to a Potential Employer? 

Most states, including Pennsylvania, have laws that say that it is unlawful to make a misstatement of fact about why someones employment ended.  They can be sued if they make a misstatement and it costs you a new job. I have always surmised that this is why there is not a "public database" relating to employment history.  In any event, it is due to liability concerns that your former employer will likely provider only the following information when an inquiry about you is made: 1) your dates of employment; 2) your position when your employment ended; 3) how much you were making when your employment ended; and, 4) in some cases, whether you "are eligible for rehire."

This last question is virtually meaningless to a prospective employer.  Many people who are laid off or who resign are not eligible for rehire.

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