Monday, August 30, 2010

Flight Attendant Steve Slater's Not Suing Anyone

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As stated in my previous Blog, Steve Slater cannot get unemployment in Pennsylvania (or in probably any state), because he did not have a necessitous and compelling reason for quitting his job.  I thought some of the comments of support for Mr. Slater were pretty laughable.  My favorite was this one: "Slater should sue [the passenger who caused him to freak out] in civil court for his injury, and the trauma she caused him."  There is zero chance of that happening.  You cannot sue someone for simply being rude, no matter what type of damages (i.e. mental distress, quitting your job) you suffer.  End of story.

Nearly all of us all have job related stress, rude bosses and co-workers, too much work and too little time, unrealistic expectations, personality conflicts, favoritism....

However, the courts consider such interactions and realities normal, and one cannot bring a lawsuit for a hostile work environment just because we are treated rudely or unfairly.  The only exceptions to that rule, or I should say the most common exceptions, are where an employee can prove that he/she is being treated poorly or differently because of his/her age, sex, race, national origin, religion, disability, or in retaliation for seeking rights under state and federal laws governing things such as family leave, overtime or workers compensation benefits.

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There are better ways to quit a job than what Steve Slater did. In fact, there are effective legal strategies you can employee to require your employer to address your legitimate work-related, stress-inducing issues.  If you employ such strategies, and things still do not improve, than you may be able to quit your job and get unemployment benefits. We routinely help people who are under significant job-related stress. Call today and schedule an appointment if you would like to learn some effective legal coping mechanisms.

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