Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Philadelphia Area Attorney Employment Lawyer Explains Overtime Rights in Pennsylvania

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What is overtime?  Overtime is payment of 1.5 times your normal hourly rate for each hour you work over 40 on a given week (you do not get overtime merely because you work 12 hours in a given day; you must work more than 40 in a given week). Employers who are caught failing to pay overtime to their employees must pay their employees twice the amount of overtime they earned but were not paid! 

I am Paid a Salary, So I Guess that Automatically Means I Am Not Entitled to Overtime, Right?  That is categorically untrue!  In fact, this (paying non-exempt employees a salary) is one of the most common tactics utilized by employers to avoid paid non-exempt employees overtime wages to which they are entitled.  Click Here for more information on this issue. 

How do I Figure my Hourly Rate if I am Paid a Salary?  You simply take your gross weekly pay rate and divide by 40.

Suppose I am Paid "Straight Time" for any Hours I work in Excess of 40 in a Week?  If you are entitled to overtime, that is a violation of state and federal law.  You must be paid 1.5 times your hourly rate.

Can They Fire Me in Retaliation if I Demand Overtime?  They can, but if they do so, they would be violating state and federal law.  Under Federal law (the Fair Labor Standards Act), if they fire you because you have demanded overtime, thereby causing you to lose wages, then the employer must pay you twice the amount of your lost wages if you win your lawsuit!. 

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