Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't Take This Job and Shove It

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By now, many of you have heard about the flight attendant who, feeling pushed to the limit with his job responsibilities, and having been frustrated by a passenger, grabbed two beers, went onto the plane's intercom, went on a profanity laced tirade, quit his job and jumped down the emergency chute to the world of unemployment.

I am sure that, by the time he finished his two beers, he had at least fleeting thoughts of regret.  If not, he will soon enough.  Yes, he became famous on YouTube.  Yes, he had supporters who said "you did what we all feel like doing" and "you made my day" and, my personl favorite, a woman who proclaimed,  "I've got your back."  (Great, said Mr. Slater, I'll send my mortgage bill and car payment to you without delay!)

Well, such support is wonderful, as is 15 minutes of fame, but the World keeps turning and right around the time we forget about Steve Slater, the crushing effect of his actions will start to hit him (assuming that he actually needs income, of course).

First of all, if you quit your job out of frustration in Pennsylvania (and in probably any state), you will not get unemployment benefits.  So, the principle that caused Steve Slater to quit his job had better be acceptable principal at the grocery store, the utility company and his mortgage lender, or else he could be in deep financial trouble soon (I don't see other airlines lining up to hire him). 

As I tell my clients, have the family over for Thanksgiving and feed them principle for dinner and see how that goes over.  Wrap up a box of principle and put it under the tree on Christmas morning and watch your daughter's eyes light up with...surprise. Send your son's college a check for unlimited principle and see how long he stays enrolled.  Ahh, martyrdom....

Take This Job and Shove It - A Big Hit, But a Bad Idea

Johnny Paycheck wrote that song back in the 70's, and many of us could identify with it then, and can identify with it now.  Employees are being laid off at record-rates, and the "lucky" survivors usually have to do more work at the same (or less) rate of pay.  But, as one Slater sympathizer suggested, most all of us feel extremely upset and frustrated about work from time to time.  We did in the 70's, and we do in the 10's.  That will never change.

But, one thing I can assure you.  That woman who said that she had Steve Slater's back - I guarantee you she isn't paying his gas bill this month!

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There are better ways to quit a job than what Steve Slater did.  In fact, there are ways to make the Company improve your work situation and, if they still refuse, than you may be able to quit your job and get unemployment benefits.  We routinely help people who are under significant job-related stress.  Call today and schedule an appointment if you would like to learn some effective legal coping mechanisms.

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