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Pennsylvania Unemployment Appeal Lawyer - Some General Rules in Pennsylvania

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Ordinarily, Pennsylvania unemployment benefits will immediately be provided to you if, in your initial application to unemployment, you indicate that you were "laid off." However, you should only indicate you were laid off if you were told your job was being eliminated or that you were being let go due to financial reasons.

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Should I Quit or be Fired

In Pennsylvania, if you quit your job without a real good reason, it is usually real hard to get unemployment benefits. However, if you quit because you are told that you would be fired otherwise, you may get benefits if the reason you were going to be fired is something other than willful misconduct. Please click on this link for a discussion on what constitutes Willful Misconduct in Pennsylvania.  In other words, quitting because you are about to be fired is, for unemployment purposes, the same is being fired.

What Do I say on my Pennsylvania Unemployment Application if I Chose to Quit Instead of Being Fired?

If that is the case, the on-line form is not much help. Better to call the claim in to unemployment and explain just what happened. Unemployment will want to know why it was that you were going to be fired (i.e. a layoff, work rule violation, ect.) Just tell them the truth, and they will usually analyze it as a willful misconduct case.

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If you received a Notice of Determination denying you unemployment compensation, you should immediately appeal the denial (you have only 15 days to do so). When you file such an appeal, you need not say much. In fact, we often tell our clients to simply state that "I disagree with the determination." At that point, an unemployment hearing for someone employed in the Phialdelphia area will be held before a Referee in Norristown, Malvern, Springfield Philadelphia or Bristol. At that hearing, the Referee will decide whether the employee has engaged in willful misconduct or, where a voluntary quit is involved, whether the quit was justified.

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