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Philadelphia Labor Attorney

We are employment attorneys serving individuals in Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Bucks County and Philadelphia.

We are Pennsylvania employment lawyers helping communities such as Malvern, Paoli, Exton, Downingtown, Norristown, Oaks, Pottstown, Blue Bell, Media, Broomall, Newtown Square, Springfield, Radnor, Villanova, Wayne, Perkasie, Doylestown, Chalfont and Philadelphia.

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Here are examples of some of the people we have helped:

Lancaster Discrimination Lawyer

A man from Lancaster was referred to our office by the EEOC with a claim for Age Discrimination and Race Discrimination against an international company with a history of race-based discrimination. We filed suit in Philadelphia Federal Court. The defendant contended that our client, who had 30 years of experience in his field, was not competent enough to make it through the Company's 90 day probation period (after which time he would have become part of the Union and protected from baseless termination). During this same time period, a number of younger, Caucasian employees with less experience were able to make it through probation. During discovery, we established that the Company had inconsistent employee evaluation practices, and also obtained testimony from a number of employees who spoke favorably about our client. After 5 days of trial, during which we were able to prove the Company's historic tolerance of race-based discrimination and hostility, the defendant offered a settlement that was 8 times larger than what it had offered prior to trial and which our client was pleased to accept.

Villanova Unemployment Attorney

A man from Villanova came to us after he had lost a hearing for Unemployment Compensation. He had evidence that the employer had lied at the hearing. We appealed to the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, and were able to convince the Board that a new hearing should be permitted so that proof of the employer's lie could be placed into evidence. At the new Hearing, the employer failed to show, the new evidence was placed into the record, and the initial decision by the Referee was reversed, so that our client was entitled to retroactive unemployment benefits.

Montgomery County Wage Lawyer

Five women from Montgomery County who worked for a large financial institution came to us and advised that their employer had reneged on a promise to pay to them bonuses if they did not resign their positions for a specified period of time. Under Pennsylvania's Wage Payment and Collection law, and employer is responsible for making such payments, and can be liable for the employees attorney fees if they are forced to go to trial to enforce their rights. We wrote a demand letter to the employer, setting forth the promise and the nature of our claims. Within weeks, all five of our clients were paid in full, and the attorney fees they had incurring in retaining our services were paid by the employer.

Downingtown Disability Lawyer

A man from Downingtown was referred to us by his doctor because he had been denied Long-Term Disability benefits. He had a neuropsychological condition that defied precise diagnosis, and therefore the insurer had denied his claim. While meeting with him, we noticed that when he was under stress, his hands started to shake. We immediately began to film him, asking him questions that caused him to feel stress, to the point where he could not hold a Styrofoam coffee cup due to the uncontrollable shaking of his hands. We then sent this film to the insurer, along with our demand for benefits that discussed his extensive medical records. Within weeks, the insurer granted him Long-Term disability benefits, sending to him a substantial check for retroactive benefits. Our client was so pleased, he came unannounced to our office the following day to settle up on his contingent fee agreement.

Philadelphia Overtime Attorney

Five people from Montgomery County came to us under the belief that they had been fired from an academic institution because they had sought overtime payments under the Fair Labor Standards Act. A substantial amount of time had passed between the date of the overtime demands and their termination, making it a difficult case. However, they had received only meager Severance offers given the length of their employment. They agreed to forego the severance offers, and we wrote a demand letter on their behalf laying out the nature of their claims. The university responded that our clients were terminated for poor performance, and initially offered little to resolve the claim. Within weeks, however, we were able to secure settlement substantially greater than the severance that had initially been offered, along with a significant payment towards our clients' attorney fees.

East Norriton Overtime Lawyer

A woman from East Norriton contacted us and said she believed that she had been fired because she had complained about not receiving overtime. She had been employed by one of the largest mortgage companies in the World. We sought pre-litigation settlement, but the employer offered nothing. We filed suit in Federal Court, alleging that she had been the victim of retaliation for asserting her rights to overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Not surprisingly, the defendant was represented by one of the largest firms in America, located in Philadelphia which immediately put two lawyers on the case. The defendant contended that the client was fired as part of a reduction in force and that she was less capable then other employees who were retained. Following discovery, a miniscule offer was made. We rejected it and the defendant filed a motion in Court trying to get the case thrown out. We filed a response, citing all of the evidence we had learned during discovery. After receiving our response, the defendant called, and within one week had offered a settlement that was six times as large as any offer it had made before.

Exton Non-Compete Lawyer

A man from Exton advised that he was being sued for violating a Non Compete Agreement with his former employer. The man had been fired when he refused to sign a new Non Compete that the company mandated that he sign. After his employment ended, he went to work for a direct competitor of the employer, and was able to take more than $100,000 in business with him within three months. The employer, one of the largest distributors of corporate forms in America, hired one of the oldest and best regarded firms in Chester County to represent its interest, immediately placing two senior partners on the file. We contended that the Non Compete was unenforceable because the client had been terminated because he refused to sign the Non Compete. We argued further that the Non Compete only applied if he was fired for good cause. The employer refused to back off, probably emboldened by the success it had had throughout the Country enforcing similar Non Competes under similar circumstances. It argued that the employee’s decision not to sign the new Non Compete was tantamount to him quitting his job. It further argued that, even if the Non Compete was unenforceable, our client had misappropriated confidential business information which he had used to take away clients of the employer after his employment ended. Following expedited discovery, we proceeded to a Hearing in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas. Within one week of the conclusion of the 6 hour Hearing, the Court ruled in our client’s favor. He remains gainfully employed with his new employer, and continues to service the clients that he had brought with him upon his departure from the former employer.

Malvern Unemployment Lawyer

A man from Malvern came to us and stated that he had been fired because he had missed too much time from work. He had filed for Unemployment Compensation benefits, which had been denied. We reviewed the circumstance, and determined that his absence resulted from a serious health condition, and was therefore protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act. He was unaware of his rights under the Act, and there was an issue as to whether he had given appropriate notice of his need for leave to his employer. When I showed up with my client at the Unemployment Hearing, the employer was surprised – and unrepresented by counsel. I was able to obtain excellent testimony on the record from the unprepared employer. We won the Unemployment Hearing. Then, with the transcribed record of the proceedings in hand, we demanded that the employer compensate our client for violating his FMLA rights. Seeing that the record created at the Unemployment Hearing was clearly in our favor, the employer immediately paid a handsome settlement, and we never had to even file suit.

Pottstown Sexual Harrassment Lawyer
Three women from Pottstown who worked for a very large hotel chain came to us with allegations that they had been the victim of Sexual Harassment by a manager at the hotel. All three of three of the women had been fired for what appeared to be legitimate reasons. We engaged in an extensive analysis as to exactly what exactly the manager had done to each of the women, and determined that a definite pattern of harassment existed. We also concluded that the manager’s conduct, which was observed by but not disciplined by his superior, created a Hostile Work Environment intolerant to the rights of women. We therefore concluded that each of the women had a Title VII claim for hostile work environment, and that each of the terminations was a sham. We also concluded that one of the victims had a claim for quid pro quo sexual harassment (i.e. she had been required to exchange sexual favors for job security). We prepared a very detailed Complaint, which we filed with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. At the fact-finding conference before PHRC, we reached settlements in all three cases that totaled in the six-figures. Our clients were spared the anguish of having to relive their gut-wrenching experiences in Court, and received what they viewed as fair compensation for the wrongs that had visited upon them.

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