Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Philadelphia Disability Lawyer

Disability Discrimination Lawyer in Philadelphia

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Disability Discrimination Lawyer Serving Coatesville, Pottstown, Norristown, East Norriton, Malvern, Paoli, Downingtown, Media, Radnor, Newtown Square and Philadelphia Areas

How does one prove disability discrimination in Pennsylvania? Perhaps the best way is to show that you were treated differently than someone else who has a similar job to yours - and that someone is not disabled. Such a person is called your "comparator." What type of different treatment should you look for? Denial of a promotion, being disciplined for something even though your comparator did the same thing and was not disciplined, being paid a lower wage, not being given a flex schedule....

Another way is to prove that job duties have been taken away from you because of your disability, or because the company views you as being unable to do your job because of your disability.

I Need a Reasonable Accommodation Because of My Disability in the Philadelphia Area- What Should I Do?

If you feel that there is an easy way to make it easier or possible for you to do your job, such as a bigger computer screen, moving your desk, having a flexible schedule, you should put your request in writing to management, making sure you state that your disability requires this accommodation,  You may need a doctor's note to support your request.

I am Being Discriminated Against Because of My Disability in Pennsylvania

If that is occurring, you should complain to management, in writing, about what is going on. Use specific examples and make sure that you specifically state that you think you are a victim of disability discrimination.  A simple e-mail to HR will suffice. If that does not do the trick, complain to the EEOC.

Can They Retaliate Against Me Because I Complained About Disability Discrimination?

Of course, people can and often do anything they want. But if you are fired or demoted because of your discrimination complaint, you would have an excellent case for disability discrimination and retaliatory discharge. If you are terminated because of your disability discrimination Complaint, you would be entitled to unemployment benefits.

Philadelphia Discrimination Lawyer With Offices in Paoli, Exton, King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting, Radnor and Philadelphia Gives Free Consultations for Disability Discrimination

Call us today if you believe you are the victim of disability discrimination. We will discuss the matter with you and explain your rights at no charge. If you have a case, we handle them on a contingent fee basis (no recovery, no fee).

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