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Paoli Lawyer Answers: How Do I File for Unemployment In Pennsylvania

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Filing for Unemployment in PA if You Were Fired

The best way to file is on line. Regardless of what you believe to be the real reason for your termination, tell unemployment what you were told at the time you were fired. Do not check the "Laid Off" box if in fact you were terminated. Only check the "Laid Off" box if the employer told you that you were being downsized, are part of a reduction in force or that your position was eliminated.

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Filing for Unemployment in Pennsylvania if You Quit

If you quit, you should explain briefly why you quit. Later on, you will have a chance to more fully explain your position. To win benefits when you quit, you must show that you had a "necessitous and compelling reason" to quit and that you tried to work things out with the employer to no avail. The easist quit cases to win are reduction in hours, reduction in pay, demotion or change in shift. Quitting because the boss is a jerk makes it tough to win unemployment, no matter how big of a jerk the boss is.

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To file online, go to the Department of Labor Website by clicking this Link.

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