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I Have a Non-Compete in Pennsylvania and Need an Attorney

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Non-Compete Agreements in Pennsylvania usually contain 3 parts: Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation and Non-Competition. Typically, an employee signs one when he/she starts employment. 

In order to determine what law applies to the enforcement of your non-compete agreement, you need to look for the forum selection clause that is usually found within the agreement

Is My Pennsylvania Non-Compete Enforceable?

Under Pennsylvania law, they may not be enforceable if they are signed well after (i.e. months or years) you have started employment.

They may not be enforceable if you are laid off for poor performance or due to business necessity.

May I Solicit Ex-Clients or Ex-Customers if I Have a Non-Compete in Pa?

This is usually the biggest problem sales persons face. Working for a competitor is usually not the problem with non-competes. Taking business away from your former employer is!  If you do that, you will likely be stopped immediately.

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